STRIPMSG Additional Requirements V1.2

The wireframe should show a few extra things: – when a message has been ‘unsent’ > ‘uploaded’ > ‘delivered’ > ‘seen’ – affiliate / referral screen – a section that shows individual profile pricing (some replies might be more expensive) – somewhere the credit system is explained , like a message that says ‘sending a message is free, you are only charged credits for replies!’ – when a celeb sends a pic, the upload screen… Read more »

STRIPMSG App Brief V1.1

Here are some extra requirements I’d like to clarify for the semi-MVP: Additional Features: – Stripe to take payments and also make payments to users (bank deposit) – system to keep track of user credit balances in database – affiliate and referral code system like in UBER (that pays in credits) – follow airbnb style guide to make app beautiful (wireframes and designs provided) We also need to be mindful of GST and TAX being… Read more »

Updated App Requirements for V1.0 – MVP

Okay so I wanted to clarify and confirm a few things. In the interests of keeping things simple and costs down for the MVP: To begin with, its an app with a messages section and a section that you can scroll through profiles(and sort/filter/search them). Profile pictures should be full width like on Alua (i think). And fans will be able to buy credits to chat with celebs. That’s basically all the features I want… Read more »

STRIPMSG – Developer Brief for iOS

YOUR COVER LETTER IS VERY IMPORTANT IN YOUR APPLICATION. GENERIC COVER LETTERS WILL BE IGNORED!!! This is a secret project. You will sign an NDA to keep this under wraps. CODENAME: STRIPMSG. PLATFORM: iOS Iphone App (portrait only). TYPE OF APP: Simple Messaging App. TIMEFRAME: Start work by the end of the week, Friday 10th of July. TECHNOLOGIES: Talk to a server database (it’s all stored in the cloud), send pics, videos and text messages… Read more »


There is an app I want to copy. There are actually two competitors. I want to copy them by using the best parts of their apps to make the best app in that niche. I also want the interface designed in such a way that is simple and easy to use – i want it to feel as seamless as Uber app. The first version will not have all the features we want because i… Read more »