STRIPMSG Additional Requirements V1.2

The wireframe should show a few extra things:
– when a message has been ‘unsent’ > ‘uploaded’ > ‘delivered’ > ‘seen’
– affiliate / referral screen
– a section that shows individual profile pricing (some replies might be more expensive)
– somewhere the credit system is explained , like a message that says ‘sending a message is free, you are only charged credits for replies!’
– when a celeb sends a pic, the upload screen should allow the celeb to set a ‘unlock price. When the fan sees the pic, its blurred with a lock on top of it. They press it to unlock, and a dialouge comes up confirming how many credits it will cost, or telling them to buy more credits if they dont have enough
– there should be a ‘donate’ button so fans can send credits directly to celebs if they want, this should be both in messages and in profiles (maybe just ‘send credits’)
– have you thought about the dichotomy between having insta photos and just normal profile photos? How can we display both on a profile?
– which elements of Alua did you decide to improve upon?

Also – what is your reasoning behind having a bottom menu? Could we not free up more screen real estate by just having a ‘swipe’ between screens?
So you decided to swipe left and right to see between profiles, and scroll up and down to see diff profile photos? That might be a better idea, but i have to think about it.

What was the reasoning behind ‘popular online nearby new’ – do we want to improve on that? Shouldnt we only show that when a user presses the search bar.. it just slides out

See if we hide both that and the bottom menu, we maximise screen real estate.

But we should also display profiles and search results in such a way that takes advantage of all screen real estate

– No cents on prices.
– Button to buy credits directly from website on buy credit screen
– distance in KM
– it’s not clear what “follow” does – do we put followed profiles in some kind of timeline? messages screen? should there be a button view that just shows followed profiles? maybe we should call it “starred” instead? or “+save” and then just have a star button…
– Is it easier to scroll down through profiles than swipe left and right? I’m really unsure how it would even feel either way, i might build a prototype
– I also realised we probably need some wireframes for the onboarding process of the app. so how does the signup / login process work? should be as simple/easy as possible.
– also, for celebs, there should be a “stats” dashboard that shows earnings, number of followers, number of online fans/ppl that have messaged them, number of unread messages from fans and a “cash out” button
– when a celeb cashes out a screen should pop up to tell them that it’s been confirmed, and that the transfer will take 3-5 business days.
– I want the wireframe to showcase two “deep link” scenarios – when someone links directly to their profile (with or without app installed) and when a celeb shares an affiliate link to another celeb,
– the affiliate link page should encourage fans and celebs to share their link in return for: fans, get 30 free credits once your friend signs up and buys at least 80 credits. Celebs get 20% commission on what their friends earn who sign up and become celebs for the first month.
– sorry i just realised, IAP isn’t enough to charge customers, we also want to collect and store their credit card details for direct debit billing. I want a process like uber (offers to scan the card, easily enter and store CC details in the app for each user account)
– there’s no report/block functionality, and it’s hard to tell how many credits you have left.

actually, one more – in the settings, if the fan has entered their credit card, then there should be a checkbox (allow auto bill) and one slider, that says “weekly max budget” and goes from $30 ——– $ unlimited – and in brackets it says that it charges in intervals of $50.
and in the buy credits section there should be a button at the bottom or on the side that says “Pay as You Go – (bill me automatically)”

and lastly, i guess if someone has auto billing set up, we do NOT show them their remaining credit balance, we only alert them if their billing method fails or if they reach their weekly budget limit (with a message that asks them if they’d like to increase it) – or we make it much simpler, we make it post-paid in that it bills the card every time their “owing” balance reaches $50 – either way we don’t show a remaining credit amount in that case.